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Joachim Diawara

Volunteer Photographer

“Foreign workers come to Singapore because they hope to get a better life and to support their family. To help them by simply taking pictures of them, and seeing how happy and thankful they are, is really satisfying.”

Giselle Francis

Student of CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent

“I am truly grateful to be given the opportunity to do something nice, even if it was small, for the migrant workers after I learnt about the backbreaking labour that they had to do. Taking part in this Values in Action activity has opened my eyes and taught me to be more appreciative of everything we have around us such as expressways and buildings, as they were built by the migrant workers. I hope that the migrant workers enjoy the care packs and that it puts a smile on their faces.”

Emily Christanthio

Student of CHIJ ST Theresa’s Convent

“It is my second time participating in an event to help migrant workers in Singapore but it was much more meaningful than the first experience as I got to plan and pack the items for them. I hope they will enjoy the care packages we made for them to let them know that they are appreciated for everything they have done.”



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