The best way you can support ACMI’s initiatives to serve the foreign community in Singapore is with your own time. Offer your expertise in our Skills Development classes or bring smiles to the faces of our migrant brothers and sisters by joining us for our outreach and engagement activities.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Able to provide ad-hoc transportation assistance, including food or items delivery for ACMI.

  • Support with coordination of transportation services, including arranging pick-up/drop-off locations, and willingness to accommodate to any special requirements or requests from ACMI staff.

  • Possess a drivers license and a clean driving record.

  • Own a vehicle that is available for use for transportation needs.

  • Be available to support ACMI as needed, including during weekdays and weekends.  


Roles and Responsibilities
  • Able to commit on Sundays fortnightly.
  • We’re seeking skilled trainers who can guide participants in the art of personal grooming and makeup application.
  • Grooming: Instruct participants on effective grooming techniques, including skincare routines, hair care, and personal hygiene. Teach the importance of self-presentation and the impact of grooming on confidence.
  • Makeup: Demonstrate and guide participants in makeup application, from natural looks to special occasion makeup. Share insights on selecting the right makeup products and tools. 
  • Proficiency in grooming techniques, skincare, hair care, and personal hygiene. 
  • Strong makeup application skills, with knowledge of different makeup styles and products. 
  • Past experience as an air stewardess is a plus, as the background brings valuable insights into grooming and personal presentation, however, other relevant experiences will be considered. 


Roles and Responsibilities
  • Able to commit on Sundays fortnightly.
  • We’re seeking skilled trainers who can share their passion and knowledge for nail art with eager participants.

  • Instruct participants in various nail art techniques, including nail painting, designs, and embellishments.

  • Provide tips and inspiration for unique nail designs.

  • Emphasize the importance of hygiene and safety in nail art practices.

  • Proficiency in nail art techniques, including various nail designs and embellishments.

  • Strong communication skills to effectively convey nail art concepts and provide guidance to participants.

  • Prior experience in nail art instruction or training is a plus.

About the role

ACMI will be carrying out a series of Parish Roadshows in 2024 to raise awareness and is a part of the organisation’s fundraising efforts. Volunteers will serve as ambassadors, engaging with parishioners to promote the migrant cause, collect donations, and sell fundraising items where applicable during Parish Roadshows held in various districts across Singapore. A total of 2 roadshows per month in Apr, May, Jul, Aug, Oct, and Dec will be taking place. 

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Promote ACMI: To be the ambassador for ACMI by promoting the organisation’s mission, services, and programmes to parishioners at roadshows across parishes in various regions.
  • Collect Donations: Set up and tear down of ACMI booths, approach parishioners after mass to encourage donations in support of ACMI’s fundraising efforts. Ensure safety and security of funds collected.
  • Promote fundraising items: Assist ACMI with sale of fundraising items at roadshows, support with inquiries, provide product information, and facilitate sales transactions.
  • Collaborate with parishes, ACMI, and fellow volunteers: Work closely with various stakeholders to ensure the smooth execution of roadshows 
  • Attend volunteer briefing and training sessions by ACMI in preparation for roadshows, each session lasting about 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Willingness to create a positive and engaging experience for parishioners who are interested about ACMI
  • Previous volunteering experience or familiarity with fundraising events is a plus
  • Committed to participating in Parish Roadshows on Saturday evenings and/or Sunday mornings as scheduled, including setup, roadshow duration, and cleanup. A commitment of 3 months is preferred but open for discussion. 

Roles and Responsibilities
Able to teach Basic English/ English Beginner 1/ English Beginner 2 classes

Basic English: Assist the lead English Language Trainer in conducting engaging sessions for the Basic English course, where students will explore greetings, signs, and foundational vocabulary. Provide support and encouragement to students as they build confidence in using words and speaking English.

English Beginner 1: Aid in facilitating English Beginner 1 sessions, focusing on teaching grammar, expanding vocabulary, and understanding tenses and adjectives. Assist students in grasping fundamental language concepts through interactive exercises and activities.

English Beginner 2: Assist in English Beginner 2 classes designed to enhance students’ speaking skills and self-expression with confidence.

  • Able to commit on Thursdays weekly from 10am – 1pm and/or Sundays fortnightly.

  • Proficiency in the English language, both spoken and written.

  • Strong command of grammar rules, tenses, and vocabulary.
  • Excellent communication skills to convey language concepts clearly and effectively.


Roles and Responsibilities

Able to teach Basic Computer & Word/ Basic Excel & PowerPoint/ Basic Web Design & Canva

Basic Computer & Word: Lead interactive sessions teaching fundamental computer operation skills. Provide comprehensive lessons on word processing, enabling students to create professional documents like reports, newsletters, forms, brochures, and resumes.

Basic Excel & PowerPoint: Deliver clear instructions on Excel and PowerPoint, guiding students in creating spreadsheets, tables, and charts. Teach students how to craft dynamic presentations using multimedia elements in PowerPoint for impactful communication.

Basic Web Design & Canva: Instruct students in designing and developing websites and blogs via WordPress. Lead sessions creating eye-catching posters, postcards, and marketing materials with the Canva design platform.

  • Able to commit on Sundays fortnightly.
  • Proficiency in operating computers and familiarity with various software applications.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Experience in basic web design using platforms like WordPress.


Roles and Responsibilities
  • Instruct participants on photo composition principles, lighting techniques, and strategies to capture compelling images using their mobile phones.
  • Teach participants how to utilize various photo-editing programs, including Canva, to enhance their images.
  • Able to commit on Sundays fortnightly.
  • Encourage experimentation and creativity, enabling participants to develop their unique photography style.
  • Proficiency in photography, including composition principles and lighting techniques.
  • Strong command of various photo-editing programs, particularly Canva, for post-processing.
  • Demonstrated expertise in editing tone, colour, deformities, and retouching pictures.


Roles and Responsibilities

Baking: Conduct training sessions to equip fellow trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills in baking. Ensure trainers understand and can effectively convey concepts to students.

Cooking: Provide comprehensive training on cooking methods, ingredients, and cultural aspects related to various cuisines.

  • Able to commit on Sundays fortnightly.
  • Able to provide ongoing guidance and support to fellow trainers, fostering their growth and development as culinary trainers.
  • Proficiency in both baking and cooking, with hands-on experience and advanced skills.
  • Strong command of various cooking and baking techniques, including bread-making, pastry preparation, cake decoration, and diverse cuisines.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills to effectively train and mentor other trainers.


Roles and Responsibilities
  • Instruct students on the fundamentals of dressmaking, including taking accurate body measurements.
  • Teach the art of pattern-making, helping students create templates for garments.
  • Guide students in using sewing machines to bring their patterns to life by sewing blouses, dresses, pants, and other garments.
  • Able to commit on Sundays fortnightly.
  • Proficiency in dressmaking techniques, including taking body measurements, pattern-making, and garment sewing using a sewing machine.
  • Strong communication skills to effectively convey dressmaking concepts and provide guidance to students.


Roles and Responsibilities
  • Lead Yoga sessions, ensuring participants receive effective workouts.
  • Provide clear and motivating instructions for various exercises and routines.
  • Create a positive and supportive environment for participants to de-stress and rejuvenate.
  • Able to commit on Sundays fortnightly.
  • Experience in Yoga instruction.
  • Patience and adaptability to accommodate different fitness levels and abilities.
  • Prior experience in fitness instruction or personal training is a plus.


Roles and Responsibilities

The ACMI team needs a pool of volunteer photographers to help capture key moments during our events, activities and for our initatives (weekdays and/or weekends) that will be used to support our communication efforts.

  • Have a keen eye for composition and anything visual
  • Knowledge in editing and re-touching photos
  • Experience in events photography
  • Creative, enthusiastic and adaptable
  • Possess your own photo equipment if possible


Roles and Responsibilities

The ACMI team needs a pool of volunteer videographers to help capture key moments during our events, activities, and/or film content (weekdays and/or weekends) that will be used to support our communication efforts.

  • Have a keen eye for composition and anything visual
  • Knowledge in editing videos is advantageous
  • Experience in events videography and/or filming interviews
  • Creative, enthusiastic, and adaptable
  • Possess your own video equipment if possible

Roles and Responsibilities

The ACMI team needs a pool of volunteer translators to help in translating English to the various languages in written and/or spoken form:

  • Burmese
  • Tagalog
  • Chinese/Mandarin
  • Tamil
  • Bengali
  • Malayalam
  • Vietnamese
  • Strong understanding of the English language and any of the languages stated above
  • Able to accurately translate in written and/or spoken form from English to any of the languages stated above
  • Sensitive to the culture of the original language and the targeted languages during the translation process
  • Able to proofread/edit translated versions


Joachim Diawara

Volunteer Photographer

“Foreign workers come to Singapore because they hope to get a better life and to support their family. To help them by simply taking pictures of them, and seeing how happy and thankful they are, is really satisfying.”

Giselle Francis

Student of CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent

“I am truly grateful to be given the opportunity to do something nice, even if it was small, for the migrant workers after I learnt about the backbreaking labour that they had to do. Taking part in this Values in Action activity has opened my eyes and taught me to be more appreciative of everything we have around us such as expressways and buildings, as they were built by the migrant workers. I hope that the migrant workers enjoy the care packs and that it puts a smile on their faces.”

Emily Christanthio

Student of CHIJ ST Theresa’s Convent

“It is my second time participating in an event to help migrant workers in Singapore but it was much more meaningful than the first experience as I got to plan and pack the items for them. I hope they will enjoy the care packages we made for them to let them know that they are appreciated for everything they have done.”



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