At ACMI, we provide vocational and language courses for migrants living in Singapore to improve and expand their skillsets holistically. These courses aim to equip them with practical skills that they can apply in their everyday life or cultivate an interest that they may not have had the time to pursue previously. Through attending these courses, migrants also forge bonds with like-minded individuals, building additional pillars of support in the community.

Registration for our Skills Development courses has ended. 

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 Courses for Skills Development and their Description

Courses Description
Basic Practical English Discover English through greetings, signs, and basic vocabulary and build up confidence in speaking.
Basic Beginner 1 Pick up skills in grammar and vocabulary, and gain a deeper understanding of tenses and adjectives.

*English Assessment Required*

Basic Beginner 2 Enhance speaking skills and express oneself with confidence.

*English Assessment Required*

Basic Conversational Mandarin Discover Mandarin through conversation, signs, and writing, and build up your confidence in speaking.
Basic Computer & Word Learn how to operate a computer and learn how to write and create high-quality professional-looking documents such as reports, newsletters, forms, brochures or resumes.

*English Assessment Required*

Basic Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint Get an understanding of creating spreadsheets and tables as well as dynamic presentations.

*English Assessment Required*
*Must know Basic Computer & Word*

Basic Web Design & Canva Designing Websites and Blogs using WordPress.
Learn to design posters/postcards/marketing materials by using Canva.*English Assessment Required*
*Must know Microsoft Word & Excel*
Basic Mobile Photography & Editing Utilize your phone to learn about photo composition, lighting, and editing techniques!
Using various photo-editing programs, e.g. Canva to edit tone and colour, fix deformities, and retouch pictures.*English Assessment Required*
*Must have a Camera Phone*
*Must have knowledge of Basic Web Design skills*
Basic Guitar Learn to play chords, rhythm, timing, and different strumming styles, and pick up a few songs!
Basic Crochet Learn how to do basic stitches, and design bags and items by using basic slip stitch, single crochet, half-double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, shells, clusters, and post stitches.
Caregiver Learn from Caregiving professionals on skills in caring for the elderly, children, and individuals with special needs.

*English Assessment Required*

Basic Interior Design Understand the basics of design, reading floor plans, and how to put together elements and décor to achieve beautiful interiors.
Basic Dressmaking Learn how to do body measurements, make patterns, and sew a blouse/dress/pants using a sewing machine. 
Advanced Dressmaking  Learn how to do body measurements, make patterns, and sew a blouse/dress/pants using a sewing machine.
Zumba Learn how to keep fit with various high and low-intensity dance movements to boost cardio endurance through Zumba and K-pop.
Basic Baking Be equipped with basic baking skills and techniques in baking bread, biscuits, and basic cake decoration.
Advanced Baking Be equipped with advanced baking skills and techniques for cake making, pastries, and cake decoration.
Basic Cooking Be equipped with basic cooking skills such as steaming, boiling, pan frying, and grilling in various cuisines, such as Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.
Advanced Cooking Discover various cuisines from around the world: Asian, International, and Healthy Recipes.

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