The Sun Will Shine Again

  • Mar 29, 2021

After our Spiritual Living Through Art (SLTA) programme, we spoke to Maria, an Indonesian domestic worker who has been in Singapore for 13 years, as she shared about the difficulties of the present, and the hope she sees for the future.

Maria showing her artwork to the class

One of ACMI’s Formation programmes, the SLTA workshop provides an afternoon of creative relaxation and reflection, which is geared towards mental and emotional wellness to migrants who might be stressed and tired in their work.The theme for this SLTA Workshop was: “Grateful for the Present, Hopeful for the Future“, and was specially chosen to allow migrants to reflect and express themselves after a tough 2020.

When first asked to think about the present, Maria felt lost and sad. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, I kept asking myself: “Why and how did this pandemic happen? How is it so dangerous? Is this a warning or a message from God, about what we have done?”

Maria’s artwork – detailing the past/present (bottom) with dirty roads, dark clouds and the absence of people.
The future (top) paints a more beautiful scene – the bright sun, crowds of people, and even some making their way to a church.

Her simple drawing depicts what she sees of the present and the future – with contrasting differences reflecting how she feels. “In the past, I used to think it was very hard to express my emotions and thoughts, and it felt like there was no one to talk to.”

The first course she joined with ACMI was a basic English language course, which she has been deeply grateful for. “I felt much more confident in speaking and expressing myself. Joining ACMI felt like being part of a family.”

Maria hopes that in her depiction of the bright sun and clear skies, that people can eventually gather and bond like they used to, and also that the environment gets healthier. In response to what she might want to tell other migrants, she offered a simple answer of hope.

“The most important thing is hope. We must also do unto others what we want of them.”

As a Catholic, Maria also reiterated a message she once said to her sister – she must make sure that whatever she does will lead her closer to her faith. “I think maybe it is also because ACMI is part of the Church, so I feel a lot of confidence and solidarity.”

While observing safe distancing rules, a participant explains about her masterpiece

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