The Start of a New Semester

  • Aug 19, 2021

ACMI recently began our second semester of Skills Development classes from 4th July and 11th July amidst the ongoing pandemic. With strict safe management restrictions in place, we are thankful to God for the opportunity to continue physical classes and that many students were able to sign up to join us.

A thumbs-up from a student of the baking class on the first day of the new semester

A Blessing to be Grateful For

It was heartening to see the many eye-smiles and to hear much laughter fill the classrooms as we went around to greet the students. Like this student giving a thumbs-up above, we hold on to the positivity of God’s providence!

While strictly adhering to safe management measures and COVID-19 guidelines, the ACMI staff and volunteers diligently ensured a safe environment for all our students.

With the beginning of a new semester, we wanted to feature some of the individuals who have been a part of our Skills Development classes. We hoped to find out how they have been coping in this period and how classes have been for them. We invited the assistant trainer from the Dressmaking Advanced Class, Regina, to share her thoughts with us.

Assistant Trainer Regina from the Dressmaking Advanced Class

Regina was previously a student herself and was approached by her trainer to assist in teaching others. Thus far, Regina has found the experience of being an assistant trainer to be an enjoyable one, as she is now able to share her knowledge with others as a trainer, while still learning alongside them as a student.

A line of encouragement from Regina: “Do not stop learning because life is about continuous learning!”

Assistant Trainer Regina with the students from the Dressmaking Advanced Class

Regina shared that the only difference she experienced about attending classes before the pandemic and during the pandemic, was the need to social distance. On an encouraging note, she felt that the process of learning and teaching was still the same regardless of these restrictions.

The same optimistic sentiments were shared by a student of the Dressmaking Advanced class, Lolita.

Lolita, seated on the left in yellow, poses for a picture with her close friend in class

Lolita was a student of the basic dressmaking class last semester. She shared that she chose to take dressmaking classes because she had an interest in sewing and wanted to improve her skills. We witnessed with joy, how her hard work and passion had paid off when she shared about being able to sew a pair of shorts for her employer, who loved it!

Attending the Dressmaking classes during the pandemic has also provided an outlet for Lolita to focus her attention on doing something productive during her off-days, especially to help her in coping when she misses her family back in the Philippines.

She harbours the dream of one day being able to start her own little business with these skills upon returning to her country, and we at ACMI look forward to hearing this good news one day!

A line of encouragement from Regina: “Be patient and keep learning!”