Enduring Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

  • Feb 06, 2022

The Archdiocesan Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrants & Itinerant People (ACMI) organised its first-ever Advent-themed Migrant Art Competition around the graces of “Hope, Peace, Joy and Love” in September and finalised the winners in December. Here are four stories to inspire others to see hope, peace, joy and love in life, not just during Advent, but in the New Year ahead.

Hope: Hoping In Prayer

“I hope this pandemic will end and I can go back to the Philippines to be with my 11-year-old daughter and family. I would like to go home and take care of them.” She prays for the recovery of those who have been infected with and affected by Covid-19. – Teodora L Angeles

Joy: A Mother’s Joy

While thinking about her daughter Blessing, 6, back home in Myanmar, Khaing Khaing Lin was inspired to create this piece of art; she says that being a mother to Blessing has been her greatest joy. Lin shared that her motivation behind working hard is to be able to one day bring Blessing to Singapore. When asked what Blessing loves to do in her free time, Lin said elatedly, “She likes to draw and play dress-up!”

Love: Love For The Family

“I came to Singapore to work about 20 years ago. I was earning a very low salary in the Philippines and was worried about my family. Throughout my time working here, I remained focused on my goal to ensure that my four children completed their education. They all have now graduated and are working. I want to continue working here so that we can build a house back home.” – Lucrecia J Cinco

Peace: Peace For The World

Tan Jashion Praise Hui-Xian Corleto, 9 years old, comes from a family of nine. Jashion wishes that the world will think positive thoughts and be at peace. Her father James shared that in his home, family bonding is very important, not just through the words that Jashion painted, but also through communication.

Published on Catholic News on Feb 6, 2022.