Valor of A Fearless Spirit – A Portrait of Rasel

SGD 2,000.00

Dean Mark Hilario Enoza
Acrylic on Canvas with Mixed Media Elements
24 inches x 24 inches

Part of the series titled “Unnoticed L.O.V.E.: Honouring the Heroes Among Us”

Tax deductible: $XXXX*

Rasel is a 34-year-old construction worker from Bangladesh. Leaving behind his parents and young wife in Bangladesh, he now works in an interior design firm, laboring diligently to create custom interiors that promise a brighter future for his loved ones. Rasel’s journey unfolds against the backdrop of relentless physical challenges, with the demands of manual labor and the ever-present risks of injury.

Rasel has been a remarkable housemate to Dean during the pandemic. He is polite, thoughtful, and generously offers his helping hand without expecting anything in return. Whether fixing a broken light or loose cabinets, his initiative and willingness to help are remarkable. A laurel wreath adorns Rasel’s portrait, which symbolizes victory and triumph over adversity. His valor burns like a fire within him, possessing an innate ability to thrive on challenges and their unwavering refusal to back down in the face of adversity.


In a world often marked by indifference and division, “Unnoticed L.O.V.E” calls us to embrace a higher purpose. It urges us to recognize the value in every person, to extend dignity and honor to migrant workers and to notice and appreciate their love and sacrifices.

Through these portraits, you become a part of a movement—a movement toward fairness, compassion, and unity. Your purchase is more than just art; it’s an affirmation of the dignity and worth of every individual. Join the movement. Make a difference.

Together, we can tell the migrant workers, “We see you. And we honor you.”

*ACMI is part of the Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop of Singapore. The ACMI Migrant Fund is an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC). All qualifying donations made to the ACMI Migrant Fund will be eligible for 250% tax deduction