Towards the Light

SGD 1,500.00

ACMI Skills Development Students
46 inches (H) x 30 inches (W) x 2.5 inches (D)

Towards the Light is a crochet art piece put together by our ACMI Skills Development Students and Trainers. Crocheting requires focus and dedication. With each stitch, slowly and steadily, it is a step closer towards the light that gives them hope, courage and joy. The message that they wish to share through this piece of art is that in everything they do, they would like to use their voice for kindness, hands for charity, mind for truth, and heart for love.

On top of their daily duties as domestic helpers, students from the Crochet class took time out every day after their work to stitch this artwork together. This small contribution within their means signifies love, enthusiasm and eagerness to help migrants in need.

The artwork pricing is inclusive of the prevailing GST rate and all sales proceeds will go towards supporting the migrant cause.