Optimism’s Radiant Joy – A Portrait of Chin Hua

SGD 2,000.00

Dean Mark Hilario Enoza
Acrylic on Canvas with Mixed Media Elements
24 inches x 24 inches

Part of the series titled “Unnoticed L.O.V.E.: Honouring the Heroes Among Us”

Tax deductible: $XXXX*

Chin Hua, is a 59-year-old cook from Malaysia. His life has been an unwavering pursuit of self-improvement. He’s pursuing his dream of opening his own restaurant in his hometown. Chinese New Year holds a special place in his heart, for it offers him the chance for reunification with his beloved family. His heart yearns for the day when he can return to his hometown and witness the flourishing success of his children.

A radiant halo gracefully encircles Chin Hua’s head. It serves as a symbol of his inherent goodness, inner purity, and the divine love he unfailingly spreads through his simple yet profound acts of kindness. Chin Hua’s ability to find joy in every moment and his very presence is like a warm, welcoming glow that uplifts and energizes those around him.


In a world often marked by indifference and division, “Unnoticed L.O.V.E” calls us to embrace a higher purpose. It urges us to recognize the value in every person, to extend dignity and honor to migrant workers and to notice and appreciate their love and sacrifices.

Through these portraits, you become a part of a movement—a movement toward fairness, compassion, and unity. Your purchase is more than just art; it’s an affirmation of the dignity and worth of every individual. Join the movement. Make a difference.

Together, we can tell the migrant workers, “We see you. And we honor you.”

*ACMI is part of the Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop of Singapore. The ACMI Migrant Fund is an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC). All qualifying donations made to the ACMI Migrant Fund will be eligible for 250% tax deduction