God Gave Us Hands (TRYPTCH)

SGD 1,500.00

Rogin Tallada
Ink and Acrylic
Series of 3
20 inches (H) x 16 inches (W) each

Tax deductible: $XXXX*

Our hands are God-given gifts that help us in our everyday life without which we would not be able to perform certain functions – carry out our work, look after our loved ones and more.

Depicted in the artwork are some of the examples of the work that some of our migrant brothers and sisters do – mechanical work, construction work and helping to take care of household chores. We value and appreciate them for their dedication, hard work and their want to be of service using their God-given gifts.

*ACMI is part of the Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop of Singapore. The ACMI Migrant Fund is an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC). All qualifying donations made to the ACMI Migrant Fund will be eligible for 250% tax deduction