#25for25: Gaining Confidence Through English Classes

  • Jun 21, 2023

Htot Dint’s father passed away at a young age, leaving her mother as the sole breadwinner for two children.

With rice farming as their main source of income, the family was riddled with financial difficulties.  It was also difficult for Htot Dint to continue pitching in with the family trade as she would often get sick due to the extreme weather conditions and the intense labour required for farming.  

Htot Dint decided to move to Singapore from Myanmar in 2021 to work as a Migrant Domestic Worker, in hopes of earning a better living for her mother and younger brother back home.  

Upon arriving, she struggled conversing with others as English was not her first language. 

Currently, Htot Dint attends the English Beginner 1 class under ACMI’s Skills Development courses. These classes have been helpful in boosting her confidence in English speaking, and she has even made some new friends from her class along the way. 

“I’m so happy to work in Singapore because I can support my family and I can create some of my own dreams too,” said Htot Dint.

In the future, she hopes to open her own fashion or food store in Myanmar.

At ACMI, we believe in enriching the lives of migrants and helping them achieve their fullest potential by recognising their talents and giving them opportunities to upskill.

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