#25for25: Making Sacrifices For A Better Life

  • Jul 28, 2023

Rathinam Saranraj moved to Singapore from Tamil Nadu in 2009 to work as a dormitory worker, leaving behind his family’s agriculture business in search of a better life. 

When he first arrived, he had difficulties communicating with others as English was not his first language. This also resulted in him struggling at work at times, since he was not able to understand instructions from his supervisors. 

Though his English has improved overtime, and he grew more accustomed to the rigour of work, working abroad has resulted in him missing many major milestones back home – such as the birth of his first child in 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rathinam was unable to travel back to support his wife physically and meet his daughter, causing an emotional strain on the family. 

Despite missing his family dearly, he perseveres on, knowing that his sacrifices are not made in vain. He hopes to eventually return to his hometown to open his own department store. Till then, he spends most nights video-calling his wife and daughter before bed.

ACMI’s Outreach and Engagement team helps migrant workers like Rathinam feel less lonely during their stay in Singapore by organising various activities for the local and migrant community to connect – be it through dormitory visits to understand how they live, work and play or celebrating special occasions with them. 

Bring joy to the lives of migrant workers like Rathinam through our #25for25 fundraising campaign.

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