Join us as we celebrate our 25 years of being family to migrants!

  • Jun 15, 2023

As we commemorate this milestone in the ACMI story, we appreciate the unsung heroes in our everyday lives – the migrant domestic workers that work tirelessly to look after our children, being caregivers to our elderly and the migrant workers that work in the hot weather to build our homes, roads and more. The little known about transnational families consisting of one Singaporean spouse and one foreign spouse are often faced with unemployment, high fees in areas of education for their non-Singaporean child and healthcare but persevere in resilience in hopes for a better future.

In appreciating these unsung heroes amongst us, we celebrate migrant diversity and how it enriches our lives through the central theme “United in Diversity, Enriching our World”. Conveyed through the visual, the different cultural patterns representing migrant communities and their diversity and ACMI come together signifying the journeying as a family and forming a wave-like structure representing the rhythm of life’s ups and downs, joys, and struggles. The steady upwards trajectory of the patterns illustrates that in unity as one community, we can progress.

Watch this space for upcoming activities to kick-off our 25th anniversary as we move beyond these 25 years into the next!

About ACMI

ACMI was commissioned by the Catholic Church in Singapore on 15 June 1998 with its mission to meet the needs of migrants and itinerant people. Through the years, we have evolved to better minister to migrants through expanding our skills development courses, outreach and engagement efforts, helpline and counselling services and approaches to pastoral care and formation, and many more.

Our Initiatives

#25for25 year-long fundraising                                   ACMI Charity Gala Dinner 2023